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Individual & Family Developmental Disabilities Support (DD or IFDDS Waiver)

The DD Waiver provides home and community-based services for individuals six (6) years of age and older who need significant support due to a developmental disability (such as autism, cerebral palsy, or spina bifida) but who do not have a diagnosis of intellectual disability.


*** Please note that individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual disability may qualify for the Day Support Waiver and/or the Intellectual Disability Waiver. As with all Medicaid-funded services, there are also financial eligibility criteria.***


If you think that you might qualify for the IFDDS Waiver, contact one of the local Child Development Clinics that serve as the screening teams for this waiver to request a screening.


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Next Step


Access the “Request for Screening” and forward it to your “Screening Team”.  


A representative from the Clinic will schedule a meeting with you to assess your needs and determine if you qualify for this waiver. 


To qualify, the child must…..

….be at least 5 years and 9 months of age,

….have a diagnosis of a developmental disability,

….meet financial requirements,

….meet Level of Care requirements, determined by your screening team.


We Are Approved for the Wait List, Now What?


If you do qualify, you will be asked to choose a case manager.  Toddlers To Grandparents can provide this service for you.   We will meet and create a service plan and forward this onto DBHDS to place you on the waiting list until a slot becomes available.  We will stay with your family throughout the wait list process to offer any assistance that we can!


Are There Any Benefits to Being on The Wait List?




  • If you have the EDCD Waiver, straight Medicaid or FAMIS, you may receive targeted case management on an as-needed basis.    


  • You are eligible for the Individual and Family Support Program, which provides up to $3,000/fiscal year to the individual or family member of the individual on the wait list in varying amounts, as requested and approved by DBHDS. 

Approved! Have a Slot!


  • Your case manager will help you coordinate all services available.

  • If using Personal Care, Respite or Companion Services, now will be the time to choose a model of service (consumer directed or agency care) and a provider.  

  • Agency Directed Services will place their staff with you.

  • Consumer Directed Services, you hire and schedule your own attendants.  If you choose, Toddlers To Grandparents will be your provider or “Service Facilitator” and will help you continually along the way.    


Please take a look at the DMAS DD Waiver Manual for more great information.  

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