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Intellectual Disability Waiver (ID Waiver)

In order to receive ID Waiver services, an individual must meet eligibility requirements and a “slot” must be available. A slot is a term referring to an opportunity for a single individual to receive Waiver services. A slot is assigned to each ID Waiver recipient. The number of slots is limited by the availability of Medicaid funding for ID Waiver services. CMS asks each state to determine the number of people they expect to serve in order to determine the state’s slot allocation.


Each CSB has a designated number of slots. If an assigned slot becomes vacant, (e.g., the ID Waiver recipient moves to another state, refuses services or dies), the CSB must use it in a timely manner to provide ID Waiver services to another eligible individual. Additional slots, beyond each CSB’s present number, are available only when the General Assembly allocates more funds in Virginia’s budget for ID Waiver.


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What Supports are Offered with the ID Waiver?


  • Personal Assistance; both agency and consumer-directed

  • Respite – both agency and consumer-directed

  • Companion – both agency and consumer-directed (must be 18 or over)

  • Residential Support Services (in-home and congregate)

  • Day Support

  • Supported Employment

  • Prevocational

  • Service Facilitation

  • Assistive Technology

  • Environmental Modifications

  • Skilled Nursing

  • Therapeutic Consultation

  • Crisis Stabilization

  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)


What Qualifies Me for the ID Waiver?


A individual under 6 and determined to be at developmental risk or over 6 and are diagnosed with an intellectual disability.


The individual is currently eligible for placement in an intermediate care facility for people with an intellectual disability or other conditions determined using the Level of Functioning Survey  (LOF).


This eligibility DOES NOT mean that your child will be placed in such a facility.


How Do I Proceed with Applying?


Contact your local Community Services Board (CSB) or Behavioral Health Authority, and request a screening for the ID Waiver. The screening will be completed using an LOF Survey.

I Am Approved, Where Do I Go from Here?


You will be assigned a case manager from your local CSB.   

If you choose to utilize consumer directed services, you will pick a Service Facilitator (Toddlers To Grandparents) to help make that happen!  


Please take a look at the DMAS ID Waiver Manual for more great information.  

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