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Our Angel

Our Inspiration

Toddlers To Grandparents, LLC was established in 2010 with an enormous heart and significant, real life experience to help other families such as ours.  We have a young lady diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome. She is our angel.  Even though she is non-verbal, she most definitely gets her point across!   She requires assistance and supervision with every portion of her life. Utilizing a VA Medicaid Waiver has been life changing for our family. Having another set of hands and eyes for our daughter is tremendous!  


All of the members of our team have been touched in their lives with the struggles of caring for a child or an adult with a mental or physical disability, or maybe a serious medical condition. Some of our team members even know what it is like to care for our aging parents and all of the challenges that brings. We all understand what you and your family are going through and struggles that you face every minute of every day. In the world of disabilities and aging, everything is harder, not just the day to day routine. It is difficult to know where to turn for accurate and helpful information and difficult to understand the process.  


Our team prides itself on being supportive and a sound source of information. We currently provide service facilitation for consumer directed services for the EDCD, DD and ID Waivers and case management for the DD Waiver for the entire State of Virginia.


Let us share the information and knowledge we have absorbed to help you and your loved one through this challenging path.


Toddlers To Grandparents, LLC envisions a world where the very young and the very old with special needs and their families are empowered with courage, hope, skills and tools for a lifelong journey of realizing potentials and developing strengths.    


When a family member has a special need, the entire family has special needs. It is our mission to empower individuals with a special need to determine and achieve meaningful and productive lives in the community with increasing independence.

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