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Public Partnerships (PPL)

Fiscal Agent for Consumer Directed Services

(meaning they pay your attendants!)

Before we get into our most frequently asked questions, here are a few links to the most requested forms, links and instructions. Link to PPL’s Portal to log into your account or complete or approve timesheets.




Color-Coded Guide

Attendant Employment Application

Blank Time Sheet

Payroll Schedule A  2016 -2017

Payroll Schedule B  2016-2017

Please Click on ANY of the ICONS to the LEFT to begin download.


How do I Contact PPL?


  • 1-866- 259-3009


  • PPL now offers an email option for questions or issues that you feel it is OK to wait 24 hours on a response. 

    • If you are sending information in the email such as your Medicaid ID, home address, social security number, etc., please put the words ‘SECUREEMAIL” in the subject line. This will automatically send the email to PPL securely.


I need to hire a NEW ATTENDANT! What do I Do?


  • You will complete an employment application with your and your aide’s information.   This will cause PPL to pre-populate your attendant's employment packet.  

  • You can do this by completing a Paper Application or complete the Online application. You can also call PPL and they will take the information over the phone.



Remember it must be the EOR who makes the telephone call.


  • The EOR has the choice to receive the documents via US Mail or E-Mail.

  • Follow this helpful Color-Coded Guide for successful completion of the attendant's employment documents.    


How do I know what pay schedule to use?


E-Timesheets, how does that work?


Timesheets completed online are quick and very efficient. Basically the attendant will log on and create a timesheet. When they choose submit, it will go to the EOR for approval. The EOR will then log into portal and approve the timesheet.   When they choose approve, the timesheet goes to PPL for payment.


Both the Consumer/EOR and the Attendant will need a username and password.   To set this up, go to  PPL’s Electronic TimeSheet Portal to begin the set-up process.


  • Select “Sign UP”

  • Choose VA

  • Program:  VA DMAS F1 Program

  • Identify your role:   

    • EOR & Consumer will choose Consumer

    • Attendant will choose Provider

  • Complete the remaining information.  


Timesheets can always be completed by hand and faxed to PPL. Print a Blank TimeSheet here for completion. Or you can print personalized timesheets…..


  • Log into PPL’s Portal with your username and password.   

  • Click on Consumer Forms, at the top of the page, in the green bar.  

    (For SF’s go to the “Print Forms” tab at the bottom of your consumer’s profile.)
  • You will see all of the forms that you can view or print.

  • Choose “Print”

  • This will bring up on PDF to view/print which will include time sheets for all attendants you have currently.   

  • You of course can copy and reuse these, but we do suggest download them on a regular basis so that your copies do not fade.

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