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Welcome to Toddlers to Grandparents

Hello! The staff and I at Toddlers To Grandparents, are so fortunate to be able to interact with many families. We see and hear so many of the things that have helped their loved one cope or develop into a more confidant individual. We have asked some of our families to share these types of therapies with us, so we can then share them with you! If you have something you would like to share, please email me, and we will blog about! Please include a pic or video if you can, if not, no worries!

  • Animal therapy is amazing! In addition to having your own family pets, going to visit farms/companies whose expertise is in animal therapy is an amazing experience! Caring Canines is a wonderful program that provides, “emotional support, comfort, encouragement, and enables independence”. Our clients who have used this service have seen amazing results/improvements in their loved ones.

  • Dance therapy! This is a therapy service that is on a huge incline! Many clients would love to be able to express their lively personalities through dance. J’adore Dance offers an amazing program, Adaptive Dance. This program offers your loved one the ability to perform without any limitations, physical or mental. The program director for Adaptive Dance, Katelyn, is not only a director of dance, but a big sister to an individual with special needs. This has helped her develop a curriculum that is easy to learn and her interaction with the students cannot be compared.

We hope you have enjoyed our very first blog and hope you will stay tuned for more insightful/helpful information for you and your loved ones!

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